All Shade Skin Care!

All Shades Skin Care is a medicated skin care brand that is clinically tested, with no animal testing and paraben free. We are confident that our products will enhance all shades and types of skin.



Acne Control System is a dermatologist approved skin care regimen to clear acne and prevent new breakouts.  Continued use will minimize pore appearance, whiteheads and blackheads, and fade marks left from old acne.  It will lessen redness, smooth skin texture and even skin tone.


Noticeable results so quickly
All Shades Skin Care helped bring my grand-daughter’s self-confidence back.
Redness it was unbearable!
Give them a try you will not regret it!




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The founder Toni Cuttino spent 23 years working in the medical field as a Medical Assistant. She moved out of state and got a job working in a dermatologist office.


Although she had worked in many aspects of the medical field, she found dermatology to be the most interesting so she got Certified as a Dermatology Technician.


Because of that, she decided to step out on faith and start her own medicated skin care line. She is determined to enlighten everyone about proper skin care, the importance of regular skin exams, and help people of all shades and skin types gain confidence in their appearance with the right products and skin knowledge.

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